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Cí the Beauty was founded by CEO Natoshia Allah who is passionate about redefining skin care for all skin types of both men and women. After the birth of her daughter Ciara, Natoshia struggled to find herself again and Cí the Beauty in her skin. Skin discoloration, acne, and breakouts brought about insecurities. This led to development of skin care routines that corrected the hormonal imbalance and transformed her skin. We know the basics, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, and wash your face…. Luckily Cí the Beauty is here for the in between without shelling out tons of cash for expensive products to achieve flawless skin.

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Cleansing Brush

Ci The Beauty cleansing brush is waterproof this is a Ultrasonic cleanser with wireless charger. Our soft brush cleans gently and is easy to remove dirt, oil, dead skin, makeup residues, and black heads. 

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